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Hard-drive dependancy/Constant writing


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I left utorrent on overnight, and I was woken up about 6 hours later to a bizarre noise. It sounded like my hard-drive was dying or reading constantly and under strain. Its a 4 month old sata drive, and its never done that before. Could it have been utorrent doing this because of the dependency on the harddrive for constant writing?

I'm not 100% sure that uTorrent was the cause, although this has never happened before, and all that changed was uTorrent. I'm worried about seeding for a long time again, especially if I leave my computer. - It sounded like a damaging noise.

I'm sorry I can't explain the sound properly, but it was enough for me to quickly shut-down my computer as soon as I woke up and realised it wasn't going to stop.

Thanks for the otherwise sweet program.

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No, it didn't stop after closing uTorrent.

Thanks for the response vurlix, I also doubt whether uTorrent is the cause, but I thought in the interest of supporting such a cool program I'd tell you what happened in case it was occuring alot, - or maybe it was a specific problem with my drive (Segate 250gb Sata). I hope it was a random thing. It hasn't happened since, and I've got Active Smart going.


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