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Install/Run as a Windows Service


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I've seen this feature requested once or twice before, and the typical response is a link to the Microsoft article about creating services using srvany.exe.

Running uTorrent as a service using this approach is not sufficient for a number of reasons:

1) The only way to access uTorrent when it runs as a service is to use the WebUI. The WebUI lacks some significant usability features, such as specifying which files to download in a torrent, and specifying the destination folder.

2) Running the uTorrent executable from the desktop creates a second instance, which does not load any of the torrents being downloaded by the service/srvany.exe instance. Proper support for uTorrent as a service would load a User Interface which syncs up with the currently-running service.

3) Installing the service using instsrv and srvany is a pain in the ass, which involves downloading a separate Microsoft toolkit, tweaking the installed service, and editing the Windows registry. Let's just make it a checkbox in the settings menu!

That said, I'd like to request proper support for installing/running uTorrent as a windows service!

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