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ok so i don't have a router but i think my modem has in in-build 1, i have a WiFi conection from vodafone whit a 2mb/s max download speed normaly i should have at @ 200kb/s upload max speed but the signal is bad and the speed test told me i have only at @ a quarter of that as in 50kb/s, when looked up some things on this website on FAQ's i noticed that i could do a test in order to see if my port is forewarded corectly, i did it and it says my port is not open, although i don't even have a router and i added utorrent to firewall exceptions both manualy from control panel and from utorrent options and i also checked in the UPnP/NAT-PMP port mapping, still i don't get speeds higher than 20kb/s on downloads, if anyone can help me out whit this i would much apreciate it!

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