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Torrents Keep stopping, same error message every time


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All seems to be well with my BT setup. Ports open, good speed, no firewall issues (I think) but I always get this error message and the torrent is dropped:

BitTorrent Error

Torrent got exception: BTL.BTFailure

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "BTL/yielddefer.pyo", line 85, in _recall

File "BitTorrent/Storage Wrapper.pyo", line 657, in


File "BTL/defer.pyo", line 57, in getResult

File "twisted/python/failure.pyo", line 258, in


BTFailure: Short read (2094622 of 2097152) -

something truncated files?

If anyone has any clue what this means and what I can do to remedy the situation it would be greatly appreciated.


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