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Converting and Migrating Files from BitComet to UTorrent


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Hi !! I'm new to Utorrent and of course these forums , and hopefully I don't have too many dumb questions to ask , but here is my first one !

I am trying to migrate my files from Bitcomet to Utorrent . I have been following the Utorrent Migration Guide , and have renamed my partially downloaded Bitcomet file extensions, removing the BC extension on them.

However , when I try to pick these partially downloaded files up in Utorrent , they STILL start from 0% , and when I Right-Click on the torrent -->"Force Re-Check" [which I assume is doing a Hash Check ????] it still does not resume the download from where it was in Bitcomet and still starts at 0% ....

Why is this and how can I fix it ?

If anybody has any suggestions or help , I would appreciate it very much . Many thanks in advance for any help.

I am going to try and give the files Utorrent extensions and see if that helps , but I am not sure , it is all I can think of to try right now . I will let you know how this goes .

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