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Can't exceed 10kbps download speeds


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I'm currently using Rogers Extreme Plus, I've heard differing reports on whether or not they throttle and glasnost can't seem to give anything conclusive.

Last week I was downloading a large file (8+Gbs) at over 100kbps with only 2 peers, 15 seeds. The download slowed to less than 10kbps over the weekend despite having 9 peers and 100+ seeds. I was using uTorrent 1.8.5. upgraded to uTorrent 2.0 because I read that there was encryption against throttling but the speed has not improved.

I stopped the download on that file and moved to downloading other files in my queue and all of them can't seem to exceed 10kbps. I tried downloading 2 files at the same time both with over 10,000 seeds and one's stuck at 6-7kbps and the other is stuck at 2-3kbps. At times I've reached speeds of over 500kbps with some other torrents I've previously downloaded.

This seems to happen every month. I get great speeds in the first half of the month and have to put up with low speeds the other half.

Rogers Extreme Plus gives 100gb of free downloads, after which I have to pay for anything over, which shouldn't exceed $25 a month. Basically whether I go 100gb over or 500gb over I still pay $25. I've probably exceeded the 100gb that comes with the package for this month and I'm wondering if Rogers practices "selective" throttling since they charge a maximum flat fee for anything exceeding their quota.

And if they are throttling, how do I get around it? I've already switched my port to 1720 with no improvement. Anything else that I can change in my settings that will get my original speeds back?

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