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cannot setup. speed test not working..


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Hi All

Have just installed uTorrent for first time, and cannot get a connection to work.

have tried the setup guide thing, the bandwidth test either doesn't do anything, gets refused a server connection, doesn't move up the que or keeps logging "file integrity check error: C"

trying the port forward test by itself, the green bar runs across pretty fast, then nothing it just stops at that.

have tried a few of the guides I found around the FAQ etc but most start by telling me to use the setup guide!!

Am using a vodafone mobile broadband USB modem, has upload test of about 700kbs. my girlfriend has this working OK on her laptop with the same broadband.

I have only the windows firewall at the moment and clicked ok when the uTorrent install asked me if I wanted to make a firewall exception

any help much appreciated. thank you

EDIT: I Have got some kind of connection now it seems, my upload speed fgoes as high as I let it but down is tiny and I have the little orange warning icon still (my download tinmme shows several weeks!!)

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