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Internet keeps dropping out when utorrent run


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As above.

I have read all the guides I think are appropriate.

I have a 20Mb/s fibre line and downloads from normal sites happen at between 500kb/s to 5mb/s

I have a netgear WGR614v9

Windows Firewall with uTorrent Allowed

VirginMedia PC guard with firewall disabled.

PeerBlock running

I have tested the openoffice torrent (20 seeds) and it gets to about 200kb/s then after maybe 30 seconds it creeps back down and my connection drops (web pages wont load) then it comes back up creeps back to and then down again.

Other torrents with 200 - 740 seeds don't get above 50kb/s with uploads speeds normally slightly higher.

I have set done the setup guide but have a red cross against bandwidth test

Results Speed Test failed

Connection failed error: A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is

This is where the message ends - Maybe this should be reported as a bug.

Any suggestions on how to improve my download speeds? Or why the speed test failed?

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plugging an ethernet cable directly into my modem does not work - I think I need a cross over cable to do this but dont have one long enough.

Plugging into the back of my netgear router does seem to have improved the speeds. now going between 80 and 600 but it does go up and down between these two in the space of about 20 seconds. Internet connection isn't dropping anymore.

not really practical having a 10m cable running through 2 rooms though. Could it be a setting on the wireless router or is it faulty?

opening a second & third torrent I get about 200 on the first and 5-20 on the other 2.

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