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Storage on external hard drive


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Okay - a relative newbie - hunted around and couldn't find the answer to this but am sure one of the mods will point me directly to it - I am also hoping I have worded this correctly so as not to be deleted.

I would like to change the destination folder to an external hard drive. I found in the preferences/options/directions the place where[/] to do that, but am unsure of exactly how to do it. I am running windows vista and the files are automatically placed in the home/downloads folder. Do I physically move that folder to the external hard drive - and then note that location in the 'put' line - do I tick all of the rest of the boxes (move, location, store) and note the same location?

As I said, I am new at this and through lots of reading, fits and starts, now have managed to get utorrent working to its maximum (green check for the network connection - that took forever but finally, success).

Then, I am assuming utorrent will then be able to 'find' them in this new location.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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