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Progress Display Bug


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I found bug in progress display. When I Download big torrent 1 - 2 GB, and when i select form this torrent only some files to be downloaded, utorrent display bad progress. Progress stay on 99.9%, all files is downloaded 100% (I test it with rar test function, no errors) , and in Files tab i see 6 files to be downloaded (i select only 5 files, i don't select file 6 from bottom) On disk i have downloaded only seleted files (5 files) without 6 from bottom. Progres in files tab on 6 file from botton stay on 58,7% and don't move.

Sorry for my engilsh :)

P.S. I use 1.1.4 version. And i have selected option "New torrents start in stopped mode" and after add torrent to download list I select 5 last files to be downloaded (not 6) and click start download.


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It's not really a bug (the only buggy part is the 99.9% display which should be 100%).

This happens because of the way BT works - Some pieces that are being downloaded contains parts from more then a single file. So if you wanted to get the 5th file from the bottom, maybe it shares some pieces with the 6th, and so on.

Next time use the search feature please, as this has been answered a few times already ;)

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