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Building a dedicated utorrent box using WHS..suggestions?


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So here is my problem: I live on a college campus, so they regulate heavy traffic, ie utorrent, so whenever I have the program running for any extended period of time downloading multiple files, it seems that my overall bandwidth is cut down exponentially; webpages won't load or just sit loading for ~5 minutes before timing out, any other programs trying to access the internet are also slowed. This goes on for a good 2 or 3 hours after closing utorrent. As I said, I run the program on my desktop, but have everything dumped off to my HP MedaSmart ex485 home server. I'm aware that there is a utorrent add-in, but it requires forwarding the correct port(s), and since I'm in a dorm, I don't have direct access to the local router, and I've asked the IT dept. if there was a way to do it, but they asked why I needed it, so I didn't give them an answer.

So the only conclusion I can draw to solve my problem is to build a small, low-power, low-budget computer to simply run utorrent and have it dump onto my WHS, or something similar.

What hardware/software/setting would you recommend for doing such a thing? Or if anyone can link to somewhere else that has done this.



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