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claimed file downloaded does not match actual file downloaded


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i downloaded one file (100mb) in a large torrent file(1 gig).

utorrents says the file is at 100%

the actual file that utorrent claimed that it downloaded does not match the file that utorrent actually downloaded to my hard drive.

utorrent actually downloaded parts of two different files that were selected as "do not dowload". i hash checked and tried to open the file from utorrent and directly from hy hard drive but no luck.

any sugestions???

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BitTorrent divides the files into pieces so parts of other files have to be downloaded to get all of the data.

BitTorrent does cryptographic hashing (SHA1) of all data. When you see "Download succeeded!" you can be sure that BitTorrent has already verified the integrity of the data. The integrity and authenticity of a BitTorrent download is as good as the original request to the tracker. Checking the MD5/CRC32/other hash of a file downloaded via BitTorrent is redundant.
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