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How To Make Torrents Download To Specific Folder If Specific Size


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Hello All -

I've been using uTorrent for a couple of years now and believe it to be the best. Thank you for your hard work.

My skill level with uTorrent is intermidiate as I know how to set most options and use the WebUI often with my mobile phone when out and uRemote at work. To be able to set more options, sometimes I must connect to my home computer (RealVNC) to use the main installation of uTorrent, itself.

Usually, if I download something that is under 100MB, I choose to have it download to my DropBox via the "Start Torrent Window" that is displayed when opening/starting a new torrent instead of it going to my default folder which is different.

*** What I'm looking for is a way that when starting or finishing a download, uTorrent places all downloaded content into different folders based upon the size of the finished size. ***

Any ideas anyone? I'm sure the answer is a 3rd party solution and if so, that's fine. Please let me know any suggestions you may have.


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