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Using multiple internet connections to download the same torrent


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I have 5 computers connected to the internet with independent 12 MB/S connections.

The systems are connected via Hamachi, so each computer can access each other.

Is it possible to make all 5 systems download the same torrent at the same time ?

Thus making the file download at 60 MB/S

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No, it is basically impossible to gain a 100% speed addition from each one.

You'll be lucky if 2 average about 150% the speed of 1.

3 will be very lucky to be 180% the speed of 1.

And even 5 may not reach 250% the speed of 1.

This is because they will OFTEN download the same parts.

On a VERY large torrent with multiple files, you could designate each computer to get different files...and then swap the parts among them all when they all get their section of files. This would require a lot of manual intervention.

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