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peculiar behaviour


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Hi all.

Basically, the higher I'm uploading, the slower internet browsing is. There's just about a direct corrolation.

I have been using the conservative settings, which match my upload speed (640kbit/s).

I've had this issue with previous versions aswell.

I've done some reading around, and i thought perhaps it was my routers upper connection threshold, but i couldn't find out what that was, and my symptoms don't really match the problem

I've also tried everything in that guide somewhere (forgotten where exactly) but it had things like lowering the global connections, turning upd off etc) all to no avail.

My setup is:

6.5mbit/s down, 650kbit/s up

d-link dsl-g604t router, connected wireless

windows 7 ultimate

uTorrent 2.0

i have a port forwarded correctly

UPnP, NAT, PEX, DHT disabled

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I use the conservative settings. Do they not factor in the reccomended 20%?

I'd have thought they did.

But a major part of the issue is the direct corrolation, the faster the upload the slower the browsing. Under 80% or not, there is still a noticeable difference

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