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Speed/seeders keep dropping until I reboot XP


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Once rebooted, my torrents are fine with lots of seeders. After a day, my speed is about 1.5KB/s with like zero seeders. I reboot my system and my torrents come back strong-at least until tomorrow. I've done this for weeks. I've tried different settings and even the 'back to default' settings. I've fresh installed the newest version of utorrent. No change. I'm connected by cable directly from the router and surfing and downloading otherwise is fine. Its not a speed restriction problem, I think utorrent is not able to see/connect to seeders. Maybe its not updating its list of seeders.

What could rebooting my computer do to change how utorrent see's or is seen by other computers. How do I know if utorrent is updating or checking for seeders? something in the log file?

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