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µGadget – µTorrent features within your browser…

Simon Morris

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We have worked hard to make the browser toolbars we promote more useful for µTorrent users, and we're now ready to offer a beta version of the "µGadget" – a customized browser toolbar which gives you some µTorrent functionality right in your browser:

- You can now watch your download progress while you continue to surf the web;

- You can control downloads direct from the browser;

- You can set an option that will allow for one-click-torrenting – the torrent file is downloaded and added to your client in the background;

- You can even configure your µGadget to connect to a remote µTorrent client (so long as you have the IP/port and web UI enabled).

Download it here: http://download.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent_ugadget_beta.exe

FAQ available at: http://www.utorrent.com/ugadget/faq

Two important notes:

(1) the toolbar is (and will always be) optional;

(2) the only connection your µGadget has is directly with your µTorrent client – it will not expose private data to our servers or those of our search partners.

We know this won't be for everyone, but we do quite like the functionality and believe the development team has done a great job in creating a much slicker product than the existing basic toolbar.

We hope you'll give it a try and give us some feedback on any issues.

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Ok I like the µGadget... Just a few notes

1. The torrents refresh and delays tabs when I'm opening and closing them.

2. The buttons for CNN, YT, FB, Games, Amazon, etc are great I love them there just not all of them could you make it more customizable.

3. And for the love of all things holy get rid of the Ask bar! It is a deal breaker. I hate extra bars in IE and that being said I like µGadget but I will not keep it for long. I like trying new things and there are a lot of them in µTorrent 2.2 that I enjoy and I like this feature, but please get rid of the search bar from the µGadget bar. I would not have installed it if I knew it was an Ask.com Search Bar.

In fact I would get rid of the Favorites Bar if this was coded right. Good job for making a great gadget, and it would be great if the µTorrent feature wasn't minimized when first used.

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