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Strange spikes in download, and strangely high upload speeds


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Hi, I have been using utorrent for a good while. And i have on many occasions (not all) found that sometimes the speed at which it downloads rises sharply then falls sharply over and over. I will very rarely achieve more than 60kilobytes down per second, averaging about 18k/sec.

However my upload speed (correctly set according to utorrent help guide) often achieve much more, usually averaging about 30-50 kilobytes per second....

I have been through several guides on what to do and I am stumped. Is this normal ??

Speedtest.net shows me these results;

1.22mb down

0.28mb up

ping 58ms

Sometimes my upload is more like 0.4 - 0.5 mb

My download is never much more than 1.5mb

My ISP does not throttle.

I have included a picture of my utorrent timeline, you can see the upload in red and the download in green. You can also see the upload cap, which i changed during the course of this 1 hour...


Anyone know whats going on ?? This can't be normal.... ???

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