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Some thoughts on new features


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Hi. I have some ideas for some new features. I know that they will benefit me and maybe benefit others as well.

1) Have a switch to set the upload and download speeds through the command line so you can use batch files for easy control, or include this in the "Web UI" for easy speed control over the internet. I don't know about you, but if you host a web/file server and you have torrents going, it would be nice to back them down when you need the speed as you access your site or files from another PC over the internet. Especially if you use a VNC server like me.

2) Have a new "Web UI" that includes using a "frames" layout with the main frame as µTorrents main screen (current Web UI look) and the second frame as a tool frame for µTorrent. Tools to include would be like all the command line switches, my above first thought, and all of the configuration options from the preferences screen (just in case).

The main thing I would like to see is the upload and download speeds in my first thought. If not, no biggy but it would be nice. Anyway, µTorrent is the best no mater what. Its small, not a CPU hog, and it has a straight forward user interface.

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