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Upload problem with µTorrent 2.0


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Since installation of new version 2.0, uploads seem not work... is it a known problem svp ?

For example, with 4 connections :

Port Soft Status Upload

53778 µTorrent 2.0 U P 0.1 ko/s

13290 µTorrent 1.8.5 U P 28.4 ko/s

44648 µTorrent 2.0 U P

58593 µTorrent 2.0 U IEP

Nothing is uploaded from client 2.0......... why please ?

Configuration :

Windows XP SP3

µTorrent 2.0 since 2 days

Thanks pour your informations

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Try switching to uTorrent v2.0.1

and if that doesn't seem to help, first (in preferences, advanced) set bt.tcp_rate_control to false.

If that still didn't help, uncheck Bandwidth Management (in preferences, BitTorrent) -- this will disable uTP, though uTorrent will probably require a restart to disconnect existing uTP peers/seeds.

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