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Fluctuating download speed prevents web browsing.


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Recently, after i updated to the newer version of Utorrent, the download speeds have been falling dramatically every 1-2 minutes. This not only increases the download time, but also prevents me browsing the web, preventing web pages from loading. 1/10 times it also crashes my WiFi completely, forcing me to reboot. This only happens when Utorrent is open, as i have tried Bit Torrent, which works perfectly (but Utorrent is so much more conveniant).

I read that i should try setting "bt.tcp_rate_control" to *False, which worked for maybe an hour, limiting the download speed to 60kb/s (out of a usual 240kb/s) yet staying stable, but then it went back to dipping, and has not worked again.

As i am no computer technician, can anyone help me resolve this problem?

(I have taken a screenshot of the Speed window, but i can't see an "attach image" button)

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