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Upload / Seed Bandwidth Allocation


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How does uTorrent determine which torrents get how much upload speed?

The reason I ask is because w/Azureus, if I have 6 torrents running, all torrents, seeding or downloading, get equal upload bandwidth - ie: 6 torrents, 55kps max ~ 9kps each.

I have 7 torrents running atm in uTorrent...

4 of them are downloading/seeding and the average upload rate of each is ~10-13kps (kilobytes per second).

Seeds Peers

1: 9 (37) 46 (311)

2: 3 (7) 43 (101)

3: 8 (21) 50 (176)

4: 5 (21) 49 (310)

The other 3 are just seeding (100% completed downloading) and crawling at < 3kps each (at best, mostly around 2.7-2.8kps).

Seeds Peers

5: 0 (15) 17 (30)

6: 0 (10) 42 (104)

7: 0 (15) 53 (165)

Obviously the torrents need seeds - If I right-click and choose High for bandwidth allocation on these torrents, their speeds climb to "normal" rate (where all 7 torrents seem to get equal bandwidth, which is what i want, always). If I leave the seeding torrents at Normal bandwidth allocation, it'll take > 80 days to seed each one to 1.0!!? I usually seed to >= 2.0 and I'm ok with seeding for a few weeks, but not 3 MONTHS for 1.0!

Is there a way to default all seeding torrents to high bandwidth allocation, as opposed to having to right-click each seed and choose that (since Normal is obviously not very effecient for seeding). Sure, I can select all torrents and set high bandwidth allocation, but that puts it back to the same as all having normal bandwidth allocation (where seeds crawl while downloads suck it all up).

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Supposedly there's an advanced setting already to give priority to seeding torrents.

Also, check your upload slot settings! Too few can cause erratic behavior, too many can cause horrible overloads.

The use more upload slots if <90% upload max speed thing is pretty much too sensitive. If at any moment the current upload speed is <90% max...µTorrent may decide to open 3+ more upload slots for every torrent.

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