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[Question] How can I make my privacy stronger?


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Hi to everyone, I'm new to this forum.

I am searching through the web about any information about "How to protect my privacy on the web", but there are too many different opinion.

I would like to know some firm point, and so I'm asking following questions to you, and I'll be glad for any reply.

My current internet configuration is:

Notebook » Wireless connection » Wi-Fi Router » my ISP » the web.

How could I protect my privacy in the best way from any spying?

Well, I'm not a secret agent of CIA or FBI ^_~, but I hate things like spams in my e-mail box and unwanted ad.

I know that there are several ways to protect me, like a good antivirus, firewall, stealth navigation, ect...

What I'm asking to you is:

1- How can I hide my IP if I surf on the web, if I can connect to the web only through a router?

(I'm not sure, but I think that when I hide my notebook IP, I hide it to the router, not to my ISP, so I think it's just useless...am I wrong?)

2- How can I hide me while I'm using torrents? I heard about some anonymous torrent service, but I'm not sure they works.

I know that every action I do on the web is always "tracked" by my ISP and written in a "log" file, so the ultimate protection for my Internet privacy is "power off my pc and unplug the router".

Is there an intelligent way to protect my privacy?

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