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Forum SEARCH dialog results not showing all posts?


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If I use the SEARCH link at the top of the site, and type in my user name, most but not all of my posts show up. Is it possible there is a glitch or certain forum areas are not included in the search index, for example?

For instance - in the FOUND BUGS area, I have made posts in a thread called deleting .torrent files. Posts in that thread do not show up for me when I do a search using that link at the top of the site. But other posts I made in other areas of the site do.

If I use the SHOW YOUR POSTS link at the very bottom of the page, which seems to key in on USER ID instead of AUTHOR SEARCH box, which the top search link does, it seems to work ok though.

Just wanted to let ya know in case there might be a bug on the site.


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OMG - sorry about that. Even though I posted a reply just today in that thread, it still shows up way on the second page. I would not have thought to look there, and somehow when I did at first glance I did not see it. But I checked again and looked carefully I did actually find it.

I'll just keep my eyes open a little more and expect that strange things can happen from time to time.

Thanks very much. :)

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