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New to Utorrent, Specific functions elude me. HELP PLEASE!!!


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I have buttoned down the basics of the program. Start, Stop Pause, downloading, Seed.vs.Leech etc. but i was wondering if there are some specific functions that i can use that, for me anyways, might be useful.

- Start/Stop at specific time?

- Allocating Bandwidth to specific torrents?

- *Most Important* Pausing a torrent at a specific percentage? I live with a few flatmates and have to download my big files in monthly increments as we only have 20gig between the three of us per month. I know the data limit is the actual problem but that is not going to change any time soon as we are all students who have to scrounge just for beer money let alone extra data :( . I have an important 11gig file which i'd like to pause at 5gig this month and start again next month to complete, any way to do this? I am at class all day and i fear that the DL speed may increase and potentially cap us while i am not there to manually pause it... this will make me extremely unpopular in the house

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

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