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Organizing files and seeding


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I am quite new to this torrents and I am using uTorrent 2.0 client. Here, Once my download is complete, I want to organize the files to different folders based on the category of files. If I do that, my seeding gets stopped. But, I don't want that. I want to keep seeding. For that, I tried to reload the torrent file again through menu File->Add Torrent, but it is downloading the data again.

1) How to add the the torrent file for seeding which is removed from the uTorrent client? Hope you all understand my problem.

2) If I rename the file, will it affect seeding? If so, how can I rename the downloaded file and keep seeding?

Please suggest some ideas


Useless forum.... No one is answering.... I got the answer anywayz...

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