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Disappeared And Reappeared Torrents


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OK I don't know what has happened but I need some advice. Here's my problem. I know it has to do with issues surrounding downloads but as it is more technical than simple download help I hope it wil be allowed.

I'm using a private tracker TorrentLeech. A few days back I placed a copy of my Download file on my desktop, and someway or other some of the folders/files in ../My Documents/Downloads must have got deleted.

When I went to look at Utorrent I discovered to my horror that all but one of the completed downloads in the "Headers" reported "0.0% done" and there was "no completion date". It didn't, however, seem to affect the heading "Ratio."

After the initial panic I decided to do a "System Restore" with no success, so I moved it back a day or two and still no joy.

After some thought I looked more carefully at where my Downloads were and then I discovered that I had two Download Folders and that all my downloads were in the desktop/Download Folder and some were missing in the .../My Documents/Downloads.

I then copied the missing Folders/Files from the Desktop Downloads to My Documents/Downloads. Utorrent points to My Documents/Downloads. I then did a "Force Re-Check" on the missing torrents and hey presto they all seemed to reappear but with yesterdays date as the "Completed On" date.

When I go to my Tracker I note that my stats are: Ratio: 0.758 Uploaded: 4.54 GB Downloaded: 6.00 GB Slots: 4 slots, so all is fine there, but there was a waiting list for the first 256 torrents – two days previous there was only a waiting list say for the first thirty odd new torrents.

Any idea what is going on?

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