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Slow 2.0


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Yeah, I see many people have the problem with 2.0 verion of utorrent.

I downloaded it today and, hell, my download speed has never been so bad! It's usually only 5kB/s, sometimes goes up to 50kB/s, but then suddenly goes back to the ol' five.

When I was running on 1.8.5 with crazy settings, like upload limit 5, slots 375, connetions tor 300 and global max connetions 600 it was fine, going about 90kB/s which is usual for my connection (1mb/s, utorrent setup test shows that my upload speed is something around 50kbit/s), yet with utorrent 2.0 it changed, so I decided to use the conservative settings for 64kbit/s. And it is the same, if not even worse. Sometimes, I don't know why, when I go into preferences, the speed suddenly goes up without changing anything, and when I close the window it goes down. Argh, it just looks like a big EKG reading, help me.

If you need some more information provided, tell me which one.

EDIT: Um, I came back to the crazy settings and enabled uPnP mapping and the download speed is now rocket high. Seems it solved by itself, but still tell me if I just opened pandora box or anything that will kill my family by doing this.

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utorrent hates me, without a doubt.

Few minutes ago speed went from rocket high, to old slow (Still with "crazy" settings) one, so I decided to go back to the conservative settings with upnp. It didn't help, still 5kB/s, sometimes 30kB/s, but, gah, come on...


Okay while writing this post speed is again 100kB/s, I have no idea why. And I have a feeling that in few minutes it's going down again. Am I doing something wrong or is it supposed to be like that?

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Yeah, they do. It seems that the client problem is solved, everything is left to the swarm condition.

Sorry utorrent that I claimed that you hate me :( And thanks for help, but it seems I made more fuss than it was worth.

(with my luck everything will turn to crap in a couple of hours, trust me, I'll be here soon.)

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