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Torrent not showing up in the UI


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I'm not interested in removing uTorrent but I have the same problem. My UI shows nothing for the files I can see are downloading correctly. It's been a while since I've run uTorrent but several months ago when I last used it, there were no problems whatsoever with seeing the files. I've pressed F7, shut down the program and restarted but nothing helps. All I have is a blank list but actual files are downloading fine.

I can't delete or select anything in the UI since they are not listed.

How do I get the listing working again?

I am running 10.6.1 and the Version 0.9.2 (17267) of uTorrent.


Quick note: I stopped uTorrent, installed v 0.9.3 alpha, restarted uTorrent and all my files now show up in the GUI. Very odd.

I'm still interested in replies as to why this happened.

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