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I just (auto) updated to Utorrent 2.0 build 17920 and I seem to be having some trouble connecting to private trackers. I should point out that I'm seeding 4250 torrents. They're on a (small in terms of peers) private tracker so they barely move and they don't effect my webbrowsing speed at all or very little. After I updated I tried downloading a torrent from the same private tracker where most of the torrents I seed are from and it just says "updating..." It never times out which I though was weird. I tested the same file/tracker with rtorrent on a seedbox and it works. I also tried another private tracker on Utorrent and it gives me the same results except now I can see the peers in brackets but can't connect (keeps saing updating..). I tried a torrent from a public tracker and it works perfectly on Utorrent so its kind of confusing. Both of those private trackers are up and running perfectly for everyone except me. I know 4000 torrents is a lot and it might be slamming the tracker but even on another private tracker where i have 2 or 3 torrents seeding I still can't connect and it never comes back as red/time-out (I added a torrent 30 mins ago as a test and it still says updating). I really hope there's a work around so I can keep seeding these torrents. I was also wondering If I downgrade will Utorrent remember whats on my list? Any help is appreciated thanks for reading this jumble of words.

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