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Information dissapper at utorrent 1.85 portable (under windows7)


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Hey guys,

I have this strange problem, hope you can help me.

Due to reformatting my PC and lots of work installing the software. I chose ,after a LONG use of utorrent under the xp, to install utorrent 1.85 (and other apps) in it portable version on my new windows 7.

First all went well, but suddenly information disappeared. Suddenly, after I turn the pc on and start utorrent, lots of torrents added after certain date disappeared from utorent. With them it seemed that more information has lost.

locations changed back to there original place (but the files are no longer there so a problem appear), new labels disappeared and so are other configuration I changed.

At the first time it appear, I thought I am to blame, so I added all the missing Information and change the configurations buck, but then it happen again today.

Did anyone heard about this problem?

Can it be fixed?

What can be done that it won't happen again?

btw. I cannot upgrade to utorrent 2.0 and I prefer to stick to portable version if possible.

thanks in advance.

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