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Help !!!! XP windows crash and I cannot get my utorrent data files !


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Help!!My hard drive recently had a windows XP startup crash and I think it is a virus(the infamous blue screen) after the boot and have tried various boot disks to boot in ,but frustratingly cannot boot sucessfully.Would love to boot in to save me all this hassle.!But alas!!

I have made my recently crashed drive a slave hard drive on another computer to retrieve all my data files and can access my documents that has utorrent data files that I had moved to from utorrent to documents.But what about the rest that seem hidden?

The problem is I have large amounts of files that were complete at crash time but still were in the utorrent completed list and had not been transferred to documents or to an external hard drive .I looked in programs in slave and the small utorrent program is only visible with no links to data??

My question,(which may seem dumb!), is where are my completed utorrent files in the now slave drive and how do I get to them to save them to another external drive so I can reload windows as this XP reloading procedure unless I am wrong will wipe out all data ???

I have checked and exactly the same gigabyte reading on my slave drive as when it was a master/boot drive?

Can some smart techno person give a simple or complex list of pathway instructions to these files or direct me to another post,software or article?I will look at any , bright, "out of the square " ideas to save my utorrent data files?

Finally,I would highly appreciate some expert help and " the mantra to be learnt is always have an external backup" to save you grief.

many thanks from kea12

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