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Tons of Seeds/Peers and uTorrent still has poor speed

Shino Tenshi

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Hey all,

I have been trying to figure out what could be going on with a number of my downloads when it comes to the speed.

I am currently running uTorrent 2.0, though this problem has been seen with various torrents over the last six months of my running uTorrent.

For example, I am currently downloading a torrent that has 213 seeds and 1444 peers in the swarm, of which I am connected to 20 seeds and 111 peers. When I look under the Peers tab in the main window for the torrent, I see that I am only downloading from 3-7 at a time right now and up to 15-20 other times. Right now my download speed is 2.1kBps, other times I've seen it around 20kBps, usually during off-peak hours when I'm not being throttled by my ISP.

I have checked through the list and have found very few of the connections being snubbed, so nothing is going on there. I know my ISP's throttling times and speed limits and that's not the problem either.

Is there some reason why I would be connected to at times more than 200 seeds/peers and only be downloading from on average 10 of them? Most of the time it's not even the seeds I'm downloading from, but from the peers I'm connected to, so it's not a case of availability issues from those seeds/peers that I'm connected to.

Any help with understanding what's going on would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to puzzle this out for months now and haven't been able to figure out what's going on.


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