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No such host is found + DHT errors


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Hey all, I started using uTorrent about two months ago, but I've been having troubles with these errors for about a week now. Have googled + read a ton of topics not only from these forums but other places all over the web but haven't been able to find a solution yet.

After I upgraded to uTorrent 2.0, I got the error: DHT: 0 Nodes (login) and wasn't able to download anything. I searched all over the place and as far as my understanding goes, the solution that many people used was to port forward their routers. I did this, but it didn't fix anything.

Once again, I'm fairly new to torrenting and am not exactly the most tech-savvy person ever (never heard of port-forwarding until lately) so the possibility that I did something wrong wouldn't be that unlikely. However, I ran the tests on portforwarding.com and it said that my ports are open.

After port-forwarding, I decided to run the tests in the setup guide. However, I get the error "Lookup error: No such host is known. (11001)". Also, it says that the port is not open but I'm still able to download. (which is more than it had before)


I've tried to run the test guide on every test location that the drop down menu gives because I saw a thread where a moderator had told somebody to try another test location because a lot of them had been down lately, but each one had given me the same result.

I have both tried to disable the Norton Internet Security firewall on my computer as well as making sure that it wasn't blocking utorrent, have port-forwarded (I think?), and have tried using previous versions of uTorrent. Also, uTorrent works on my laptop which uses the wireless connection from my router and is able to run the setup guide tests + download things fine.

If anybody could help me with this problem, that'd be awesome. Also, if there's any more information that I need to supply, let me know.

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