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NAT error & port fowarding


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Hi, how do I configure my cable modem router if I can't find my brand of router or model numbers on the list of routers on the port fowarding page? I was told it is an SMC when I bought it but there are no model numbers that even come close to what's listed. So now what do I do to get rid of the NAT error I see?

Thanks, candyman

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you need to know the ip address of your router. it may be as this is the most common ip address for routers.

try using this address on your browser.

you should next see the webpage that comes from your modem router. if you don't see anything, then the address must be different. your router's ip address should most likely be the same as your gateway.

if you don't know the password, try admin, or 1234, assuming that it wasn't changed.

try navigating to the router's page same as you would browse another website.

then try locating the NAT section.

locate the page where you are allowed to indicate a set of ports to a specific local ip address. local ip address are something like 192.xxx.xxx.xxx.

the next thing to do is indicate what port you would like to forward...and to what ip address. the ip address is the one being used by your puter.

this same port should be the same as the one you are using in your torrent application.

save the settings.

you may need to reboot your modem router (if it needs the reboot as some don't need to go through this).

hope this helps.

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