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Seed While setting issue, anyone know solution?


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This is rather annoying.

The seed while ratio %%

and seed time is %%

works in an "and" way, i.e both conditions must be fulfilled in order to stop an upload, as oppose to the described "or".

Because of this, I can't set torrents up to seed properly.

If I set a ratio of say 200%, but no one loads the torrent, it'll stay in the queue for years.

If I set a time limit of say, 48 hours, (i've got a 24 mb upload connection), then some torrents can go up and beyond a ratio of 50, wasting a bit too much of my (Preeeccciioussss) bandwidth (20/40 gb upload).

I believe this issue has been discussed numerous times:


But those topics keep losing focus and talk about other stuff.

Does anyone know how to set up u torrent to f.g:

Seed for 300% then stop,

OR if 4 days pass, stop.

If either condition is fulfilled, stop torrent.

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