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torrent cant find utorrent


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hi, i cannot solve this and need help please, evrything was working fine until i installed limewire, every time i tried to download a torrent it would try to use limewire as my default client.

i uninstalled limewire and set utorrent as my default client.

BUT now when i try to download a .torrent file the window pops up "open, save and cancel". i choose open as always then it opens up another notice offering me to use the web service to find the correct program OR select a program from a list of installed programs.

so i choose to select a program from a list of installed programs, browse through to utorrent, when i select it, it doesn't show in the list.

if this makes sense to anybody who could help me i would be really thankfull.

also i have reinstalled utorrent twice


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thanks for you quick reply, i checked that out and at the end of that paragraph wer it say " If all else fails, click (within Explorer) Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types, and remove TORRENT from the list. im having a problem finding th folder options. i am using explorer, thanx

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