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Need to move resume.dat


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Hey all,

My C drive is slowly dying, I figure its got a few days left. So I am trying to move resume.dat to my E drive so that when the C drive dies and I have to swap it out and reinstall windows, utorrent will be unaffected (i.e. the torrent list and preferences will still be there).

I intend to keep using this PC until it dies, and I wish to avoid backing up resume.dat every few hours, so is there a way I can make utorrent read and update it in the E drive?

Thanks in advance,


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You can't move it like that because the path of each torrent (here the drive letter) is written in resume.dat, so if you move it, µT will display the error about files missing.

You NEED to edit resume.dat with BEncode Editor, it's the simplest way instead of relocating each torrent job one by one (especially if you have 500 torrents, good luck...).

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