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Resume file not working


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It started with downloading a file and during downloading uTorrent froze then the whole computer froze to the point i had to hold the power button to shut it off. it happened again every time i opened uTorrent so i figured the file was a virus or something so i deleted it. However after doing so i downloaded a different file and the same thing happened. So i deleted that one as well and was content with just doing other things but now everytime i start uTorrent its got the first file queded and when i try to close uTorrent a error pops up saying:

Unable to save the resume file. Some data may be lost.

Another program might have the file open, or the disk is full. Please correct this and click Retry. If you press Cancel, the resume file will not be saved.

Also i deleted the torrent of the first file out of the %AppData%\uTorrent file and it still comes up every time i start.

And theres no way my HD is full either.

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