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not downloading from seeds with 100% .... why not?


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i am downloading something via utorrent and i noticed that there are 13 seeds with 100% of the data, and a whole bunch with less. i am only grabing data from those with less. not one of the 13 seeds with 100% is seeding to me

why is that ?

i have used uTorrent for years, but i have never really notice that before. (probably never looked before either ....)

Any clues would be helpful. cheers.


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A seed is far more likely to be connected to more peers than you but uploading to only 0-4 peers at a time. Although a seed may change what peers it's uploading to, often it doesn't "reach" all of them...even 2 hours later there may be peers that got nothing from the seed.

Seeding Torrent Max connections limit


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