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Seed based on seed pool size


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This was a feature that I really liked in another torrent client that I would love to see implemented here.

Add the option to seed based on the size of the known seed pool.

Right now you have the option to pause a seed when it reaches a certain ratio, but I would also like to be able to 'have mercy' on torrents that have a low seed pool. I'd like to be able to tell uTorrent to queue torrents for seeding as long as:

1) the torrent's ratio is < X%


2) there are less than Y seeders in the pool

This allows me to prioritize my seeds based on individual seeding ratio, but also have mercy on torrents that have weak seed pools. This way I can leave lots of torrents queued and uTorrent will get my ratios where I want them, but also 'shepherd' the torrents that are flagging.

And as long as you're doing that, why not add:


3) availability is less than Z

So if there's less than a complete copy available, uTorrent will start sharing mine.

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Preferences > Advanced >



If you don't set it so that all torrents stop immediately on reaching the seeding goal, then this should do just fine (for the most part anyway).

Availability can't be known unless the torrent is already started and µTorrent is already connected to a pool of peers. So that bit of the request doesn't really make sense with regards to deciding when to start a torrent.

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