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Torrents not stopping based on ratio or time


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I noticed a lot of similar posts about the Mac client, so I thought I'd try an experiment on my Vista machine. For disclosure, I'm brand new to uTorrent.

Info about my test torrent:

Added this torrent as a completed torrent.

Current ratio: 0.075 (7.5%)

Current seed time: ~6 hours

Set to override defaults and instead stop at <= 1% (0.010) or <= 1 minute.

Status: Cruising right along (still seeding)

Tried manually stopping and starting the torrent.

Status: Goes right back to seeding after being queued for about 4-5 seconds.

Tried closing and reopening uTorrent.

Status: Same as the manual stop/start. Queues for about 5 seconds and then goes back to seeding.

Am I fundamentally misunderstanding this feature. The way I read that if I'm under ratio OR under the time, or both, it should seed. If both conditions are false (I'm over ratio AND over time) it should stop, right?

Cause it seems like it's just seeding no matter what the conditions are.

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Ahhh... There we go. I was confused by the way that interface was laid out in the Preferences. I thought the 'while' statement was absolute. So when it did not satisfy the conditions, it would not seed. I didn't realize that it was necessary to check the box under it to make it change the behavior when it didn't satisfy those conditions. I saw the interface as two separate bits of logic:

1) whether to seed and

2) an override to make it throttle instead of stopping

Makes sense now. The way it actually works is.

1) test to see if a torrent is done seeding and

2) do this if it is (throttle or stop)

Thanks for the help.

FYI, just changing the preferences didn't stop it immediately. I had to stop and restart uTorrent (presumably forcing it to retest the conditions and apply the rules).

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Even if you don't use the speed throttler for torrents that have met their seeding goals, uTorrent de-prioritizes torrents that have met their seeding goals. If you have multiple torrents queued up to start, they will start and put the "completed" seeding goal torrents back into a queued state.

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