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No transver in LAN


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I use two PCs:

PC No.1 has Internet ( , PC No 2 has not.

But the two PCs are connected (192.168.1.x/24). PC No.1 has two Network Interfaces (1. Interface for Internet, 2. Interface to PC No.2).

Both PCs download the same torrent. I add the IP and Port as new Peer to both utorrent Clients.

But the two PCs transfer data only if both PCs no Internet connetion.

The speed is 1 to 2 MByte/s. Why so slow? The PCs are linked by 1Gbit/s.

How to config utorrent: If an Client is in the same Subnet, then the upload is max and without any limits?

Sorry for the very bad english. :-(


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