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Bandwidth 'proximity' system


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I came up with a torrent idea moments ago that seems abstract and difficult to explain.

The system isn't based on proximity, but theory might suggest otherwise. The phrase, 'bandwidth proximity system' is just a metaphorical way of explaining the idea. My opinion is the way that many setup their torrent program to be a bit incorrect. I believe it would be ideal for a many to aim for a 20kbps per upload slot. That is just my opinion, but this doesn't have a lot to do with this feature.

On occasion some may look through their peers for any torrent they are seeding/leaching and see a wide spread download and upload speeds. Through a fairly small number of algorithms your system should be able to determine which users would be best to connect with.

In a more layman's terms. Basically the system would aim to connect and continue to connect with users who maintain a specific upload/download speed (aiming for higher first).

Imagine a GPS telling you to take roads that will shorten your travel speed repeatedly.

Usually there are many users downloading a specific torrent, this system is only functional for any popular torrents and I imagine this system would be -extremely- useful in a sort of streaming p2p setup. The program wouldn't need to record any specific data for this, only 'remember' for that session who is who and at what speeds they can fulfill.

Say there is 100 seeders and a 100 leachers. Basically a portion of a piece would be requested methodically from each user, the speeds that are found would determine the users that would be most ideal to remain connected with.

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Pretty much all BitTorrent clients connect to peers that upload most quickly. They actively connect to other peers (even if their connection slots may be full) to see if there are faster peers, and if so, drop the slowest ones.

So what is this request trying to put forward that isn't already handled by this behavior?

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