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download 200k/s; upload measly 20k/s (I need help sharing)


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Operating system installed Windows XP

Security software installed Windows firewall, BitDefender antivirus 2009, none antispyware

modem model ZTE ZXDSL 831

ISP (Internet Service Provider) ChinaNet DSL

spent a few days trying to get my uTorrent 2.0 uploading. I don't want it to affect my ratio, but with these downloading speed, I'm going to get a bad rating soon.


Enable UPnP port mapping on


Max upload: 0

Max download: 0

Global max: 200

Max peers: 70

Upload slots: 4


Max active: 10

Max downloads: 4

Ratio: 1000% (good luck to me) 0

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Funny thing, I tried to use this right before I posted this topic, and I'm unable to get a result. I get an error message that says "Latency test returned an error while reading the latency file."

I've tried to find something about fixing this, but no luck...not sure if this is a reason why I'm having problems with my uploads. Hope fixing below will also remedy; and give me a speed summary.


Under Bandwidth:

I also left the use extra slots if upload is <90%

Any suggestion on why I'm having problems with Speedtest.net?

After the small changes, and playing around with settings...I left uTorrent 2.0 on for 6 hours (overnight); and I'm still running at about 200+k/s download; and still about 20+k/s upload. I wish I could do something that would allow me to reverse this...

It might not be my bandwidth, I'm looking and seems like I'm able to connect to more seeders than peers...for instant...

one torrent download reads

Seeds 26 (33) 120k+/s down

Peers 10 (48) 2-5k/s upload

I have about 20 torrents currently complete...and it varies between seeding...

Peers seem to be 1-5...I'm sure this is one big reason for not hitting high uploads.

I even tried to completely "Stop" on all download to give my completes to receive more bandwidth (connection/slots); but even with "zero" download speed, I still can't get over 30k/s download...any suggestions?

I've been reading a bit about the settings "Advanced" but I've been using uTorrent for about 10 days so I'm really not familiar with all the lingo in this tab.

I'm sorry for being long about explanation, just want to be detailed so I can get help...

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I did the network test to Paris...

314.56 k/s

upload 22k/s

upload slots 3

per torrent 60

global 130

max active 2

max download 1

currently, i stopped all my downloads just to see how fast I can up...it's still the same about 20k/s; even if i'm downloading at 200k/s i'm still the same with no downloading...why?

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