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Used to work fine, now it rarely goes past 20kbps


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I have used u torrent for a long time now and it has always worked just fine. I live in argentina, where Internet is not great, but I could download from 100-180kbps. I went to Brazil on vacation and came back to Argentina. For the first few days it worked just fine, but then my downloads got slower and slower. I figured it could be my version that was quite old, so I changed it to 2.0 and the problem continues. Now I rarely have a good download speed. Upload is always bad, but because of my server, which means I can't upload much, but that has not been a problem for years, so I don't really think this is the problem now.

Yes, my Internet connection is not good, but I just want to go back to the way things were last year.

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I'm assuming I was supposed take a look at "slow transfer speeds." I did all the step but the common procedures since you said "in particular." Nothing worked. I tested my connection with Glasnost to make sure my ISP wasn't throttling BitTorrent. Actually, it appear it is, here are the negative results:

1 - Is BitTorrent traffic on a non-standard BitTorrent port (10012) throttled?

Your ISP possibly rate limits your BitTorrent downloads. In our tests a TCP download achieved at least 129 Kbps while a BitTorrent download achieved at most 26 Kbps. You can find details here.

2 - Is TCP traffic on a well-known BitTorrent port (6884) throttled?

Your ISP possibly rate limits all downloads at port 6884. In our test, a TCP download on a BitTorrent port achieved at least 53 Kbps while a TCP download on a non-BitTorrent port achieved at least 129 Kbps. You can find details here.

To be very honest I have no idea what all of this means and how to proceed from here. Please help me.

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Glasnost says you get less than half the "regular" speed when you're using BitTorrent.

So your ISP probably screws pretty heavily with BitTorrent.

If you can't leave for a less hostile ISP, there's no good or easy answer.

I explain a bit about ISP throttling and possible workarounds you can try here:


(WARNING: Those settings were a special case for a wireless ISP!)

Using such restrictive settings can easily be WORSE than you already have, so you have to test to see what works best.

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