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Equally distributing UL


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Hello! Great program, and here is my feature request!

Kind of like the UL limit you can put in place now, but divide it among peers/leechers.

A way to equally distribute UL. Or perhaps to cap per leecher. I know it sounds like kind of an odd request but I'll explain myself.

Sometimes when seeding a file you get one user that demands most of your bw (well, I do anyway) and when they complete they don't seed. It really sucks. If I could upload to five people equally hopefully there'd be a better chance of a seeder (perhaps?).

The other reason I have for it is because the other day I was seeding a file and there was one user that was getting more than half of my bandwidth but was at 99.9% for a very long time. In the meantime other users were completing the download at lower speeds. It just seemed kind of weird that someone that was having trouble finishing was demanding most of my UL bw. (I know it sounds like a bug report, but I'm not sure it was a bug - the only time I've ever seen it)

But anyway, I think it would be kind of nice to distribute my bandwidth equally (optional, of course) instead of one person taking most of it and not seeding.

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When you are seeding only, the upload is distributed equally. At least, uTorrent is trying to do so, remember: this is internet, with some peers (from the same network, for example) you will have very good connection, others can be thousand miles and many congested routers away and you won't be able to send more than 1kB/s. That's why you can't expect to distribute your upload equally all the time.

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