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File allocation with delayed download start.


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Two things I have noticed.

First I have noticed that with larger downloads the memory tends to spike longer at the beginning of each torrent.

Second that Utorrent is writing quite a long time to the SSD at 200 MB/s at the beginning of each very large download (I have a 50mbit conneciton with a download speed of 6MB/s). My assumption is that it is preparing the space on the hard drive

Basically this is what I "think" is happening when you start a new torrent in utorrent it writes out the space ready for the download to the hard drive. Whilst it is preparing the space utorrent is also downloading but cannot write to the hd at the same time so it is buffered in memory, causing the initial memory spike. The problem is that sometimes it uses up so much memory that it uses the full 2gb available to the 32bit utorrent program causing it to crash/not respond.

If I am right then could I make 2 suggestions.

1. If utorrent is preparing the space, can you make sure it prepares the space and finishes it off first, before letting the user start downloading, which is being bufferd in memory could be causing the initial memory spike in the first place.

2. If you cannot do number 1, could you make a 64bit version of utorrent so that it can use more memory in the initial download/memory spike so that it won't crash utorrent if more than 2gb is used at the beginning of a download.

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