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uTorrent hoging all CPU time.


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I have a problem with uTorrent on Windows 7 (6.1.7600). Once I start downloading anything (tested it with a couple of Ubuntu torrents), the CPU % starts climbing. After a minute or so, it reaches ~90-100%, at which point the system feels like it is about to crash; mouse jitters, audio cracks, graphics stutter, etc...

Looking at the processes that are active, the CPU % is split between uTorrent.exe and the System process. (System using a bit more than uTorrent)

I originally though this may be a problem with uTorrent 2, but after testing 2.0, 2.0.1 and now 1.8.5, the problem seems to present itself in all three. (Although, it seems a bit worse in 2.0 than the other two.)

Any advice would be great, as I would hate to have to start looking around for other clients.


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Yea, I have ZoneAlarm (the free version). After looking into it a bit I realized that it - for reasons I can't fathom - has accumulated ~10GiB of debug logs (in a single file!)...

I have disabled debug logging in ZoneAlarm (see: http://forums.zonealarm.org/showpost.php?p=273579), and now uTorrent is operating in the low single-digit area and the System process is idle.

Thanks very much for the help!

Not only can I keep using uTorrent now, but this just freed 10GiB of space on my C drive :D

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