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Connection goes bananas with utorrent 2.0


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I might get in trouble for starting a new topic, i know there are lots of similar ones but they did not help me.


After upgrading to 2.0 my connection goes crazy after running utorrent for 20-30 seconds. Everything stops working and i am not able to access the web with my browser . This did not happen with the previous version and does not happen with any other client that i tried. The only thing that seems to be able to communicate with the internet is utorrent itself and the download speed of the active torrents is waaaay lo (about 1/10 of normal).


I am running windows 7 and i am connected through a WRT54-router running the latest release of the Tomato firmware. I am using a wired connection and have the latest avalible driver for my network-if.

Steps taken:

I've gone through the guide that is being linked to in most posts like this with no luck. I have disabled DHT and played with the UL/DL-limits. I have ports open in both the router and in windows firewall (it worked with previous release of utorrent remember).


So the main feature in 2.0 seems to be uTP. I've read through the documentation and can't see why it would mess things up. Is there any other new feature that might cause the problem?

I'm in serious need of help i cant stand using any other client for my bittorrent downloads.


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